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Our bags

All Billy Goat Designs bags and accessories are individually made using goat leather, by experienced craftspeople in India. They are beautiful to look at and lovely to hold. By clicking on the goat's head above you can see a range of our most popular products.

Styles and Sizes

We offer a range of styles and sizes: anything from small shoulder bags for your keys, wallet, phone and a paperback to large laptop bags, tote bags, duffel bags, bucket bags to suit both men and women as well as A4 book covers. We're always introducing new stuff so check our website regularly!

Check our eBay store for our full range of products.


These bags are all individually constructed and they get better and better with age as the leather softens and deepens in colour. Being handmade, each bag is unique. The leather that is used is not dyed so the colour of the leather may vary slightly from our photographs.

In the making of the bags there is no chemical treatment of the leather so the leather retains a distinctive earthy smell which we and (most of) our customers think is wonderful. Over time, this smell fades.

Why goat leather?

Largely unknown in Australia, goat hide is an all-purpose leather that combines comfort and softness with durability and strength. Traditionally, it has been used for sturdy work wear, designed to last. Try googling "goat leather". It is flexible and naturally water-resistant and does not crack or get hard when wet.

What can I treat the leather with?

We recommend and sell a product called Renapur Leather Balsam which you can use to soften, protect and water-proof your bag and, indeed, all your leather goods including shoes and jackets. Renapur can also be used on vinyl, car interiors, timber, terra-cotta, marble and slate.

Renapur is available in small (60ml) and large (250ml) sizes and is very economical to use.

You'll find it for sale for in the Leather Care category in our eBay Store.

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